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Take Your Share: Seven practical exercises to unlock your financial potential Oliver Blade

Take Your Share: Seven practical exercises to unlock your financial potential

Oliver Blade

Kindle Edition
181 pages
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 About the Book 

Money is for sure an important part of our lives but becoming rich needs certain key skills that only a few people really have. This book is definitely one the most complete books about self-improvement. The subject of financial freedom has been handled from many angles so far but most of them discuss only about the theory. This book provides seven astonishing exercises that will practically unlock the immense power of your subconscious mind and realize true wealth, joy and happiness in your life. The exercises deal with deep rooted debilitating subconscious habits that are stopping most of us from reaching our highest financial potential. The new and scientifically proven methods of visualization presented in this book will incredibly improve your mental power to activate and empower the creativity of your mind. There are three specific practical exercises in this book that will activate the “law of attraction” for you in less than 30 day.This book is a complete theoretical and a perfect practical source that will show you the secret keys to financial freedom. Regardless of your current profession, there are particular methods that all peak performing men and women use to achieve highest levels of accomplishments in their lives. This book is a valuable resource for those who want to awaken their latent talents, become rich and live out the life of their dreams. By studying the first seven chapters you will acquire the basic but absolutely vital understanding about the universal laws that govern the nature as well as human being. Then you will understand exactly how human mind works and how to effectively clear debilitating thought patterns and habits by following simple yet very efficient and sensible methods.The last seven chapters represent a complete and step by step practical guide to change your mental attitude about money and start a new belief system that will help you see fantastic improvements in your financial situation in less than six months. You will find out about some secret tools that all highly successful people use to realize their dream lifestyle. Even if you do not know how to set goals, this book provides an absolutely working method to identify your most important goals and to prepare your subconscious mind to find the best way of attaining them for you.If you are looking for scientifically proven ways to dramatically increase your speed toward your desired level of financial success, this book is definitely for you.